Blender is the coolest 3D suite I have ever seen. Develloped by Ton Roosendaal and all his team from NaN, Blender is going to be one of the most popular 3D software. It contains all the features you can find in this kind of software : mesh, nurbs, beziers, and different tools for modeling, object and mesh animation, plugins, scripts, scanline render, radiosity, export/import,... And it's FREE !!! Just check NaN's webpage for more information.
Since August 2000, NaN added a very nice feature to Blender : Game Blender. As you can guess, it means you can make interactive contents with Blender. Yes, you can now do your own 3D games ! Go on the
game section of the site to see some of mine. It's very easy to do, you don't have to learn any program language, the logic of the game is based on "logic bricks" which you must link between them. For exemple, you link a sensor "keyboard : Up key" to a controller "AND" linked to an actuator "move". It's very simple and I have some tutors to help you. If you want, you can add some python scripts for advanced things like I.A or mouse control.
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Salut c'est moi Nono !

Maybe you remember this famous robot from "Ulysses 31" ? So here is Nono ! You can see a picture of it here.
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Say hi schtroumpf again!

I've just made a cool wallpaper with my new schtroumpfs ! Of course, the blend file has been updated.
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Say hi schtroumpf !

What a nice 'schtroumpf' ( a famous character from french/belgian comics ) for your computer. Download it now !
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Happy Birthday ! (2)

One year older and two more cymbales for my drums !! What a great day for me.
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  Convert to mesh

ALT-C ! The magic command... With this hotkey, you can convert everything in meshes : nurbs, metaballs, surfaces... Be carefull, you can't convert meshes in somethingelse so don't forget to duplicate the model before converting.


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